The Key to Me!!

You know, for many years now I have always been met with the same questions from different people. What is it that drives you forward? What is the key to your performances? What is the buzz you get when you sing? And quite often, I find it difficult to answer them!! I guess a lot of it has to do with the fact that I am always quite uncomfortable talking about myself for fear that if I do, then it will be said, he is only blowing his own trumpet!!

But now having released my second album I believe it is time to address these questions and I will answer them with one overall answer.

Those who know me closely will be aware of the personal struggles I have encountered over the years and how I was always afraid to look inside myself and find the real me in there. To be honest, I always knew what was on the inside, but it was simply the fear of rejection that prevented me from allowing what was on the inside out. The funny thing is, that I was always there for others when they needed someone to listen and I was always ready to provide advice or a path to get them to a much happier place. However, I was never quite ready to do it for myself. In truth, I just didn’t want others to know what I was going through and so I would immerse myself in other people’s problems and help them see the light at the end of the tunnel.

This really helped me in designing and creating my performances so that I could connect with my audience and if I were to even help one person, then I would be thrilled. And yes, I still am.

In the past year, in fact in May 2010, I finally found the courage and strength to look inside myself and allow the real me to come out!! Having spent a lifetime running, I knew I could not run away any longer and if I was to be serious about my career as a singer and more so as a person, then I had to be honest too. And I can tell you now, it was scary at first, but soon as I experienced so much acceptance and love for been simply me, I found myself able to reach out to and touch people in a way I could never have imagined before. I realised that all people really seek is honesty and it doesn’t matter who you are, or even your sexuality, just be simply yourself.

So the key to me is that I am now in touch with my inner self and I want to share that with the world and all who would like to listen and share in my life as a human being. And if I can make one person smile in my lifetime, then it has one hell of an incredible adventure that is still continuing.

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